TBM's How-To Guide

How to apply The Bearded Man™ Beard Oils?

It’s best to apply after showering – warm water opens up your skin and pores which allows for better absorption – then towel dry your face and beard,

Apply 4 – 8 drops, depending on the thickness and length of your beard, onto the palm of your hand, rub your hands together (which also activates the essential oil fragrance), and work through your beard, from top to bottom, from your neck upwards, work through from root to tip…comb or brush through and style accordingly,

If you have a medium-long moustache, don’t forget to apply our moustache / beard wax to tame and style your Mo!

Stand back, and admire your smooth, glossy and healthy beard,

You are now good to go!

 How to apply The Bearded Man™ Beard Balm?

Apply every morning to a cleansed, dry beard,

Apply it once you have applied your conditioning The Bearded Man™ Beard Oil,

Use the back of your wooden scoop to scrape out an almond size amount of balm and rub it vigorously between the palms of your hands to melt,

Run your fingers through your skin first, starting from your neck, working your up to your face and then into your beard,

Now run your fingers through your beard in a downward motion from your cheeks to the end of your hair, spreading the balm down,

Do not apply directly on top of your hair,

Don’t forget your moustache and the hairs around your mouth,

Brush through with your mixed natural bristle brush to help tame fly away hairs and then scrunch the hair for a more natural look.

How to apply The Bearded Man™ Moustache Wax?

Use your wooden stick or the back of your thumb nail to scrape wax out and rub between the index finger and thumb until it has completely melted,

Apply equal amounts of wax into each side your moustache,

Make sure to evenly distribute the wax through your moustache with your fingers and curl into desired shape and let the wax harden,

For a softer looking Moustache, gently work the wax through the hair with your The Bearded Man™ Beard Brush,

If your tin of wax is cold, warm it up by running the closed tin under hot water, keep it in your pocket for a while or heat with hair dryer until the wax is softer,

Re-apply if necessary later in the day.

How to apply The Bearded Man™ Beard Soap 85g?

Wash your beard and face in the morning for a fresh, clean start to your day and then apply your products for beard grooming greatness,

Wash the days dirt off your beard and face at night and finish off with a few drops of oil to nourish and moisturise.

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