About Us


Long, long ago in a land where the sun is always shining and the palm trees grow tall, there was a Man. One day, this Man decided to grow a beard.
And it was EPIC!
The End.

 No, not really! That was just the beginning. Although, let’s face it, beards are pretty epic. Which is why he decided to grow one in the first place. And that is how The Bearded Man was born. Because once the Man started growing his epic beard, he realised that beards need all the love they can get.
Fortunately for the Man, he was married to a beautiful princess who also happened to be super-smart. Ok, so maybe not an actual princess, but that’s just a minor detail! So together, they began a quest to make the best beard products in the world. They chose the best organic ingredients, making sure that they were also best for all kinds of beards. They went to work experimenting, and created the most magical combinations for all the epic beards out there.
Along the way they made some friends, the Woodcutter and the Oil Fairy, and with their help they created the awesome products you see today.
And that is how The Bearded Man came to be, with adventure, love, and a little magic!