How long does a bottle of The Bearded Man™ beard oil last?

This obviously depends on beard size, but for a full beard, a 30ml bottle should last around 6-8 weeks with daily use.

My face feels oily after application

The skin and hair can only absorb so much before they are saturated, make sure you use less oil and experiment until you find your correct amount for application. Apply between 4-8 drops of oil, dependent on the size of your beard of course.

Where can I buy The Bearded Man™ products?

Our products are currently available at our online store where we offer an overnight courier with all our products.

Please check out our stockists’ page for a shop near you. The list of stockists are growing by the day!

Is oil enough to care for my beard?

Beard oil is definitely enough to keep the hair and skin soft and healthy (getting rid of that itch!), but a beard is like any hair and needs to be kept clean, so try our specially made beard wash, and groom it with our variety of premium grooming products.

Will shorter beards get softer?

Shorter beards tend to be pricklier due to their length, The Bearded Man™ beard oil will help keep the hair and skin healthy as well as softening the hair. Unfortunately short beards will always be a little tougher than longer beards.

Will beard oil give me pimples?

We have never come across a beard oil user reporting any negative effects on skin. All our users have reported healthier and less itchy skin. All our products are 100% organic.

My beard is unruly and untamed, what can I do?

For unruly beards we always recommend blow drying the beard after a shower, follow this by applying The Bearded Man™ beard oil which will make the hair softer and far more manageable. Use The Bearded Man™ beard wax to style. 

I am losing beard hairs, should I be concerned?

Hair fall is perfectly natural and usually nothing to be concerned about, remember the hair on your head falls too.

Where can I receive updates on products or promos?

You can keep to update with The Bearded Man™ on the following social media platforms: