TBM Artisanal Beard Wash

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The Bearded Man's Beard Wash is the finest beard wash on the market. It is very gentle and mild enough for your face, yet tough enough to clean even the roughest beard hairs.

We recommend using this awesome wash once or twice a week to keep your face-fur clean while avoiding stripping the natural oils from the hair and skin.

Follow this wash with one of our beard oils for the softest, cleanest beard in town!

Choose from the following scents:

The Legend - Vanilla and Cedarwood

The Woodsman - Cedarwood, Pine, and Eucalyptus

The Freshman - Citrus and Lavender

The Medic - Tea Tree and Lemon

Straight Up - Unscented

This product is packaged in a 150ml glass bottle with a pump top.


Although every possible care has been taken to ensure that our premium washes remain free of allergens, we do advise that our product be tested on a small patch of skin before use. If skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately.