Premium Beard Combs

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This comb is perfect for distributing beard oil and balm throughout your beard after applying it. The comb is made to glide through your beard with little to no effort. A quality handmade comb, so that you won’t have to worry about the comb snagging and damaging your beard hairs. It is incredibly easy to clean, and made to last.

**Wood color of comb may vary**

Another major benefit to using a wooden comb over a plastic comb is it will not cause static buildup in your beard. This is important because static causes your beard hairs to attract to each other, increasing tangles, decreasing the overall health of your beard, and giving the appearance of an unkempt beard. Over time, the wood will absorb some of the oils, which will make for a great look and feel when in use. This is truly an incredible comb for any beard type.