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Our premium ground coffees are sourced from the illustrious Beaver Creek Coffee Estate on the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast. We currently stock three varieties namely the Trankei Gold, Ed's Blend and an Espresso Blend.

Transkei Gold - Medium Roast

A medium acidity and heavier body with toffee flavours. With coffees from Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Beaver Creek’s Estate Reserve, the Transkei Gold blend is a true harmony of African flavour. Taken to a medium plus roast, this blend can be used for espresso and filter machines, or try it in a plunger, steeped a little longer for a stronger African-style brew.

Ed's Blend - Full Roast

A good well-balanced coffee with unique flavours, body and aroma. Depending on the beans used, it can have a chocolaty full body with subtle malt flavours, citrus undertones with a hint of blackberries and cinnamon. The blend is made up of a combination of South American, Cuban, Indonesian and African coffees. Because Ed selects only the finest beans from each of the areas to make his special blend, the slight variation in flavour adds to its distinctiveness and elegant balance. The unique character is further enhanced after being roasted in Beaver Creek’s antique drum roaster, giving it a unique aroma and taste of honey and almonds.

Espresso Blend - Dark Roast

A full-bodied blend of coffees that is bold in flavour with subtle chocolaty notes, followed by a smooth aftertaste. This blend is made up of specially chosen coffees from South America, Indonesia and Africa. Taken to a dark roast to reduce acidity and create a full and balanced flavour, this blend is ideal for making the perfect espresso.

All coffees sold as a 250g sealed pack.